Goli’s Gallery & BESPOKE Consort

Hey Dear Friends!
Spring is here and so are the sneezes.
Things you should know from the Desk of Goli.
We’ve been having a blast hosting some private shows in the Boston area since January of 2017. You won’t see a ton of info here about it but if you want to know more, please join our email list by shooting us a message at GOLIMUSIC(AT)GMAIL.COM. You will be kept in the loop. The concept is you don’t know what you are going to get but you will get Goli and some carefully curated sounds, words and experiences!

FOR PUBLIC APPEARANCES this spring, please join Goli as we join forces with pianist/composer Erik Lindgren & flutist, Thomasine Berg to make up the Bespoke Consort. Bespoke features crossover classical chamber music sans boundaries of musical mastermind Erik Lindgren (of Birdsongs of the Mesozoic.) You can head over to http://www.arfarfrecords.com/sfz/ to find out more about this Goli collaboration & check out our SHOWS page for a Bespoke appearance near you!

Pumpkin Bread
Petaluma Vale
Abigale Reisman
Brittany Karlson
Ezekiel’s Wheels
Alex CharalambidesThread Ensemble
Heather Hughes
Karin Webb

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