Goli at Community Church Boston

Goli will be appearing at Community Church Boston this Sunday, Jan. 11th as guest musicians for their Sunday Speakers Forum.
Guest speaker will be human rights attorney, Michael Meltsner.
He will be discussing Mass Incarceration & Excessive Sentencing issues.
The Community Church Boston is a social-justice oriented community organization and Goli always leaves their events with new ideas & diverse perspectives in our heads.
Here’s the Facebook event for additional info.

The forum starts at 11am and wraps up around 12:30pm.
Community Church Boston is located at 565 Boylston St. Boston, MA

Goli at Caffe Vivaldi TONIGHT! (Nov. 1st)

Hello Dear Pumpkins!

We do hope that autumn has been treating you well with just the right amount of warm beverages and cozy sweaters (but not too much because winter is VERY far away.)

We’re coming back to the fair city of New York TONIGHT and we wanted to let you know about it just in case you need a little candy hangover pick-me up! We’re bringing our little duo back to the coziest of venues, Caffe Vivaldi, on the day after Halloween (or smack dab in the middle of dis Dia de Muertos, if you will) and we’re planning on a new song or two, so we do hope you can join us!

Here are the details:
+++Saturday Nov. 1st+++
Caffe Vivaldi
32 Jones St. NYC
Goli rocks it from 9:30-11pm. Caffe Vivaldi has a lovely menu and the sweetest vibe and we will make sure to bring all the charm we can muster while lamenting the passing of the season of candy corn. We’ll play a nice long set, so tuck in and see you there!

Here’s the FB event (if that’s your jam):


Thanks to all you who joined us at Vivaldi in August! Your support of live music and venues that provide a much needed home for that music is, essentially, THE BEST!

With leaves that crunch beneath your feet and the dreams of woodsmoke in the air (agh… city dwelling.)

Goli=Vessela +Valerie

Goli & Frogbelly & Lilypads, Oh My!

Welcome back to school our dear Goli Fans!

Our fair city is bursting at the seams with the return of all of the college kids and we can’t help but experience a twinge of nostalgia in our core for those good old school days… (or maybe it’s something we ate?!?)

We’ve got a bit of a last minute, super interesting show that we’ll be playing on Sept. 11th & we do hope you can join in the fun.

We’ll be opening up for NYC & UK-ish based bands Mesiko, and Frogbelly & Symphony at the Lilypad.

Here are the Deets:
***Thursday, Sept. 11th***
The Lilypad
1353 Cambridge St. Cambridge, MA
This show is ALL AGES!!!
(admission is TBA)
Show at 9pm.
The FB Event

Goli will kick off the night at 9pm with Mesiko following and Frogbelly & Symphony closing out the night!

We do hope you can join us for the night!

Oct. 4th-Goli plays Dedham’s Good Art Series. (All Goli, All the Time!)
8-10pm, All Ages

News from The Dept. of It’s Never Too Late (hopefully):
We’ve set aside some dates in the early days of 2015 to lay down some tracks for a new album (way overdue!) Keep your ear to the ground for updates on that.

Thank you to all of you that made it out this summer for our handful of really fun free shows (Fluevogs & Cafe 939!) Making music & sharing it with you is the best!

With dreams of freshly sharpening pencils & new book bags,


To the Power of 2

It is with great pleasure that we get to announce that our summer of FREE shows that are ALL AGES is continuing with a lovely night of duos called “To the power of 2.”

Goli will be joining the likes of The Wrong Shapes & Rabbit Rabbit for a night of bands that have two people and a whole lotta sound.

Saturday, August 2nd 2014

Cafe 939

939 Boylston st. Boston (on Berklee campus)
Doors at 7:30pm, Show at 8pm
Free admission; All Ages

The evening will start out with husband (Matthias Bossi)+wife (Carla Kihlstedt) duo of Rabbit Rabbit. They will be playing a slew of instruments but mainly violin & percussion and vocals. We are so excited that Rabbit Rabbit will be joining us as it will also be their Boston CD release party! The evening will finish with The Wrong Shapes guitar+cello+vocals+loops duo of husband (Bo Barringer)+wife (Rachel Barringer). Right smack dab in the middle will be Goli and while we are not a married duo, we will be bringing the big sounds of our little duo that can to the stage.

We do hope you can join us as it is not everyday we get to play with such an exciting line up that is indeed FOR FREE and FOR ALL AGES!!!
Bring your family, bring your friends, bring your broke roommates! (IT’S FREE!)


Until we see you on the 2nd, stay cool, stay hydrated and stay sassy!

From this little duo that does,

GOLI = Vessela+Valerie

Happy Holidays from the Gals of Goli!!!!!

We hope it has been amazing… We (collectively) ran a 10k on Christmas day, hung out with some of the coolest little ladies in the Western Hemisphere, and made an annual train trip to the homeland. 2013 was full of all kinds of great joys and surprises and accomplishments (we both survived our graduate program and can officially call ourselves Masters of Music… ; )

We predict that 2014 will be a year of all kinds of goodness and we can’t wait to share it with you!

To start the New Year off with a marimba and cello fueled bang, we’ll be rocking some of our favorite venues shortly after the 1st!

We’ll be starting 2014 with an appearance (and a beautifully long set) at Caffe Vivaldi in the West Village in Manhattan on Jan. 4th. They have great food and drinks and are pretty much the coziest venue for a cold and crisp winter’s night. We play from 10-11:30pm! The FB Invite.

Next up, we’ll be hitting Nick’s in Worcester on Jan. 10th. Nick’s is a Weimar-era German restaurant replete with dark wood accents and a velvet red curtain. They’ve got tasty food and a vibe that will transport you to another time (and absinthe, which might help you on get transported on said journey.) Goli’s set time is TBA. The FB Invite.

Both venues are All Ages and utilize the All Donations Go to the Artists system, so bring your friends and an appetite for deliciousness for your ears and your stomaches!

With reflection on the old and anticipation of the future,


Goli is back at the Lizard Lounge!

Hello Beloved Goli Fans!

We know that you might suspect that we’ve fallen down a dark well in a remote location, but we haven’t. We just experienced a rare form of hibernation that begins in the late summer/early fall & ceases when the air starts to get clear and crisp…

What does this mean for you dear Goli missers?


Here are the deets:

++Saturday Dec. 14th++

Lizard Lounge
1667 Mass. Ave. outside of Harvard Sq.
Cambridge, MA
21+ $15
Adv tix $12
8:30 doors
Goli @ 9:15, Sail Away Ladies to follow

Goli is really excited to be pairing up with the Sail Away Ladies for a great show at one of our favorite intimate venues in the Boston area. The Sail Away Ladies feature some of Goli’s amazing classmates from NEC (Ari & Mia Friedman, Sarah Jarosz, & Eden Macadam-Somer) and their contemporary take on old-time acoustic string music. It is going to be a great night of great music and you really shouldn’t miss it.

Get your advance tix here

If they sell out (and we expect they will) do not fret, the Lizard Lounge reserves a hefty chunk of tickets specifically for walk-up purchase!

The FB event if that is your jam!

We can’t wait to make the music for you and to see your lovely selves.
We’ve missed you and hope that you are doing uh-mazingly well!!!!

With pumpkin spice, warm socks & music in our bones,




Or what we did over our summer vacation post-grad school…

Here goes:

We’re opening for Rasputina!
If you like cello, you are going to love this evening.
(If you don’t like cello, why are you reading this?)

Rasputina, for those of you new to the world of cello outside of the symphony, is a rock trio of cello (and sometimes drums) and vocals that comes from the imagination of Melora Creager. There is an intimacy, darkness and quirkiness of Rasputina’s music that is driven by all that a cello can do while rocking out.

And Goli gets to open for them!!!!

-Wed. July 31st-
The Sinclair
52 Church St. Harvard Sq.
Cambridge, MA
Opening for Rasputina
Doors @ 7:30pm
Goli @ 8:30pm

It is a delight, a pleasure, an honour and an extreme joy to get to open for Rasputina. One of Vess & Val’s earliest shows with the band Fluttr Effect was as an opener for Rasputina at the Middle East Downstairs and they can’t wait to do it again with this little duo in one of Boston’s newest and most buzzworthy venues.
This show is ALL AGES! So bring everyone you know. Goli is very excited to get a chance to knock out the post-grad school cobwebs and make some music on such a happening night of the aural arts.
For advance tickets, go here.

And to think we’ve could’ve spent the whole summer hanging out on the beach…

With humidity and degrees,

December Greetings from Goli-land!

Hello Friends of Goli!

We know that you might be a little concerned that you haven’t heard
from us in awhile.
Has grad school ruined their promising careers a duo-that-is-doing?
Did they get lost in the woods of Maine during the Thanksgiving
Will they ever be heard from again?

The answers are no, no and YES!

Finals finish on Dec. 17thish and we’re gonna celebrate the best way
we know how by coming out of hiding and playing a fun event just for


Here it is:

-WED. DEC. 19th-
Rock Therapy w/Brendan Boogie
featuring Goli and Dave Mirabella of the Rationales
Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Ave. Somerville (parking out back)

This show is free! This show is all ages! This show is a involves
live performance mingled with interviews that will be featured on
Brendan Boogie’s Rock Therapy Podcast. Goli will hit PROMPTLY at 8pm.
If you can’t join us in person, you can check out the live broadcast
at www.brendanboogie.com/rocktherapy.
It would be lovely to see your beautiful selves at this event and why
don’t you bring a friend or too. (have we mentioned that it is
free-all the Goli without burning a whole in your pocket.)

Here’s the FB event:

It is unclear what appearances we will be making in the new year BUT
we’ve got our graduate recital dates and we’d love it if you came to
see what we’ve been up to over the past two years in the crazy world
of Contemporary Improvisation at New England Conservatory.

Valerie’s Grad Recital-Fri. May 3rd @ 8:30pm in Brown Hall
Vessela’s Grad Recital-Mon. May 6th @ 8pm in Brown Hall

Brown Hall is located in the same building at Jordan Hall at 290
Huntington Ave. Boston, MA

Be healthy, happy and safe this holiday season and we can’t wait to
see you next week for Brendan Boogie’s Rock Therapy at the Armory.

With visions of winter break dancing in our heads,


Goli Goes to Grad School (2nd Year Edition)

Greetings from Goli!

To say that things have been a little intense in Goli-land as of late,
would be the understatement of the moment.
Recently, our close friends and bandmates from other projects lost
their apartment in a fire* and we’ve experienced the loss of dear
family members BUT we’ve also started new exciting jobs teaching at
music schools you have heard of (cough, Berklee) and we’ve started our
last year of graduate studies at the New England Conservatory. (some
of those “we’s” are royal ;)

It has been a roller coaster ride, for sure.

We still have our hands and our hearts and our heads (though they
might be occasionally addled) and we’re greatly looking forward to
celebrating the ups & downs of this crazy world with you one more time
before the semester swallows us whole!

Check it!

+++Friday Sept. 14th+++
Goli @ The Lizard Lounge
1667 Mass. Ave. Cambridge (outside of Harvard Sq.)
8:30 doors
$10 21+
Adv. Tix. here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/273567

In our second edition of Goli Goes to Grad School, we’ve asked Petaluma Vale (of Jaggery) and Sarah Rabdau & Self-Employed Assassins to join us for a musical send-off of back-to-school goodness!

-Petaluma plays at 9pm (Val will join her for some celloing & singing) and her enchanting songs of whimsy and clever takes on fairytales grounded in a post-modern reality will keep you tethered to her harp strings.

-At 10pm, Goli will hit with songs of death and getting laid and maybe we’ll have some surprises up our sleeves, like a new song or the debut of a new instrument. You never can tell what we might do. We don’t even know.

-Sarah Rabdau & Self-Employed Assassins will close out the night with well crafted songs, rocking arrangements, sensitive orchestrations and one of our favorite singers! (and some of our favorite people)

We love this line up so much, we would have it over for tea any day of the week and we’d even spike the beverages with a little whiskey.

The FB Invite:

For those of you interested in our NEC activities, we’ll both be performing the music of Marty Ehrlich on Sept. 13th at Jordan Hall.

We’ll be performing quite a bit over the year at NEC as they are
celebrating the 40th year of the Contemporary Improvisation
We hope you can check out what we are up to and maybe even join us in
the spring as we host our graduate recitals.

Thank you has taken on a deeper meaning in the past few weeks so…

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support of this
little duo with great ambitions.


*to find out more about the fire and to help out the folks who’ve lost
their homes and many of their possessions (thankfully most of the
instruments and most importantly all of the people weren’t harmed) go
to http://columbiahousefire.weebly.com

Epic August To-Do List!

Summer is starting to come to an end (don’t worry we’ve still got a
few weeks before school starts up and the mellow of fall arrives) and
that means we’ve got an epic August to-do list for those of you who love Goli, exotic destinations, zombies, and adventures!


#1-Rock NYC this Friday

+++Friday August 17+++
Caffe Vivaldi
32 Jones St. NYC
Goli will play from 9:45pm-11:15pm. Bottom of the Well-intimate and
groovy jazz/folk infused originals of voice, bass and
drums will hit at 8:30pm.
the fb invite

(that we may or may not keep.)
Here is a list of things we (mostly Val) said we would do to at our
next appearance at Caffe Vivaldi.
#1-A new song
#2-A clarinet debut by Vessela
#3-A surprise for those of you who joined the Goli street team.


+++Sat. August 18th @ 10pm+++
New Exhibition Room presents:
Zombie Double Feature @ The Boston Playwright’s Theater
949 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA
Tix are $20 and can be purchased at the box office or here.

Will Goli survive the zombie apocalypse? Come to NXR’s showing of
“Terror at the BPT” & “Last Night Cabaret” to find out. Goli lends
their music stylings to this crazy production that features some of
the most delightful and inappropriate uses of zombies yet! This show
is not recommended for those under the age of 17 and it can be a lil’
gruesome if that is not your bag. the fb invite


+++Thurs. August 23rd @ 9pm+++
Nick’s Restaurant
124 Millbury St. Worcester, MA

We’re back at Worcester’s classiest Wiemar-era absinthe bar!
Seriously, this place has some of the most amazing atmosphere ever.
It will be a night of epic Goliness with three sets of hits,
experiments, covers and b-sides.
Nick’s has great German food and a lovely drink menu. There is no
cover, but donations keep this duo coming back so make the trek and
bring some friends.
the fb invite


Street Performing:
We’re still haunting the cobblestones of Faneuil Hall this summer,
while the weather and our time permits so follow us on twitter
(@golimusic) and facebook to get details of our upcoming busking adventures.


—Friday Sept. 14th 9pm—
GOLI’s Back to School Special at the Lizard Lounge!
1667 Mass. Ave. Cambridge
NOTE: Date changed from the 15th to the 14th!
It will feature performances by Petaluma Vale (of Jaggery) and Sarah
Rabdau & Self-Employed Assassins
Ticket link and other details to come and here’s the fb invite!

Enjoy these dogs days of August and thanks for filling them with live music!
We can’t wait to see you at our next Goli outing!

With humidity and sunbrewed tea!