Banish Your Badluck!

Are you superstitious? Do you hold your breath in tunnels and avoid stepping on cracks in the sidewalk? Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer in the adverse effects of crossing a black cat’s paths, we’ve got a show that will make us all feel lucky right around the corner!

We’re so excited that Matt Samolis, the curator of the Advent Library Concert Series (and pretty stellar photographer & musicmaker in his own right), has asked Goli to join our powers with the likes of Moses Buyondo, Veronica Barron, & Dylan McKinstry for the last concert of the season at the Library!

The Details:
+++FRIDAY MAY 13th+++
The Advent Library Concert Series
Church of the Advent
30 Brimmer St. Boston, MA
Music starts at 8pm

Ugandan drummer, Moses Buyondo will start the evening with some ritual drumming (as you do) followed by the storied songs of Veronica Barron. Dylan McKinstry will do a stripped down solo set with masterful guitar and songs & Goli will close out the night, doing what we do!

The FB event if that is your bag:
We do hope you’ll join us for an intimate & exposed night of music!
(we’ll have the new album with us for sale in vinyl format as well as CD, if you haven’t yet gotten your hands on a copy of ‘this is not a love song’)

As always, thanks for doing what you do and supporting living art!

With lengthening days & the buds of May,

Spring is coming! Spring is here!

Valerie’s walking cast* is almost off!
Let’s Celebrate!

Goli is has two sweet shows coming up to ring in the spring (man it is still chilly out there) and celebrate all things good, like music & being able to walk. We’ll be joined by our dear friend Petaluma Vale at both our Boston Secret Show and our NYC Caffe Vivaldi show. If you haven’t heard Petaluma Vale (, you should! She is the rad harpist from Jaggery and she’ll be performing her songs with the musical assistance of Valerie on cello & Ali Blake on harp.

Friday April 1st

Doors at 8pm
Petaluma Vale at 8:30pm (NOTE: entry gets tricky once the show starts)
All Ages! Suggested Donation $10 BYOBeverages & Nibbles to share!

IMPORTANT: We’ve only got room for about 50 folks so RSVP your FULL NAME (and any plus 1 if you are bringing one) to GOLIMUSIC at GMAIL.COM to insure your spot! We’ll give you the address to the super cool location!

The FB INVITE if that is of interest.

Saturday April 2nd

Caffe Vivaldi
32 Jones St. NYC
Petaluma will play at 7:15pm & Goli’s set will be around 9:30-11pm

The FB INVITE if that is of interest.

We’ve got vinyl for this is not a love song & as soon as we’ve got it out to our Kickstarter backers, we’ll make it available to you at

Thank you for reading and listening and supporting!
With martanitsas, buds a blooming, birdsong,


*Val broke her foot in mid-January and that has slowed some of the Goli wheels down BUT we think she is getting out of the walking boot in the next week & it will be great!!!

Happy Vess-N-Val-N-Tines!!!

Happy Vess-N-Val-Tine’s Day from Goli!!!!

We’re pleased as punch that not one BUT TWO tracks from this is not a love song will be featured on the Valentine’s Day Edition of Woody’s Children this Sunday from 4-5pm EST! If you are near Fordham University in the Bronx, you can check it out at 90.7FM. For those of you further flung, you can check it out online at

Also, we can’t resist sharing these two Val-n-tine’s greetings from years past so please take a looksee and share the love and spread the silliness with those you’d like to makeout/shake hands with!!!

Here is Valentine’s Day

and here is Be Mine!

As always, you can get your hands on this is not a love song at or

We know that Goli has been hiding away this winter… and we hope to be back at it soon. Val kinda sorta fractured a metatarsal and tore a ligament. So the next time you see Goli, they will be new & improved with TITANIUM!!!!

With chocolate & wine & all the best of things,

Bandcamp, CDBaby & YOU!

Hello Dear Friends!

We had a great run of shows in Worcester & NYC celebrating the release of this is not a love song and now we are settling in to work on recreating all the tasty arrangements from the album for the upcoming Boston CD Release! It will be December 4th at Cafe 939 and it will be lousy with guest musicians! We are so excited to have our friends SkiM & Jaggery joining us for a night of music that we are so excited about we would happily just sit back & listen if it weren’t for that darned cd we’ve got to release! we STRONGLY recommend you get advance tickets for this show. DO IT! DO IT HERE!

smaller GOLI_5367-4


It is in our hands and it is online just waiting for you to take it home/download it/play it in your car/figure out how to work “DJ Saves the World” into the coolest mix CD ever!!!! We want you to get it and here is where you can find it!

If you dig what you hear, throw up a little review to get other would-be Goli fans intrigued and interested!

HERE is a great one from Victor D. Infante of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette! Srsly… he gets the album & describes it better than we could if we had a pop quiz on it!

We’re still working away at fulfilling our Kickstarter rewards (THANK YOU KICKSTARTERS!!!) so expect to hear from us if you haven’t already. (nudge nudge-return your surveys/tshirts get in next week!) We’re having a drawing for the lucky kickstarter who will receive a bonus hardcopy of the album & announcing our love on the interwebs & working up a cover suggested by the kickstarters & all kinds of fun stuff so find us on the FB, etc.

There are not enough exclamation points in the world to encompass how excited we are about, this is not a love song, & how loved and supported we have felt during the making & releasing of this album. We mean it. We blame that on you. 🙂

With postage stamps & paper cuts,

GOLI CD IS HERE!!!! (and so are the cd release shows!)

The last time you heard from us we were knee-deep in crowd funding and recording and mixing our new album, this is not a love song.
Guess what?
The CD arrived in the mail this week and we are headed to Worcester & NYC to have the party of a lifetime (assuming your idea of a party is hanging out with us for a couple of hours on a Friday or Saturday night & drinking wine!)

Not in Worcester or NYC and can’t wait to get your hands on the new CD!?!?

We’ll be releasing it all over the world (and the interwebs) on Oct. 7th (Valerie’s Bday) so check back in for those links next week!

For you rad folks of Massachusetts & Worcester, this is how you are going to get up close and personal with the new release!

Friday Oct. 9th
124 Millbury St. Worcester, MA
All Ages – Suggested Donation

Goli will play some epic sets of music old & new, about love & not about love starting at 9 & going until our fingers fall off!
The FB event is here!

Saturday Oct. 10th
Caffe Vivaldi
32 Jones St. NYC
All Ages – Suggested Donation
Goli will play two epic sets of music old & new, about love & not about love starting at 9 & wrapping up around 11:30.
The FB event is here!

Both Nick’s & Caffe Vivaldi have been magical and welcoming venues to this little duo that is doing and we can’t wait to celebrate with you at this amazing spaces!

For those of you wondering why there isn’t a hometown Boston release happening in October, it’s because we have an evening of epic proportions planned for Dec. 4th. at CAFE 939 Put it in your calendars!!!
Jaggery will be on the bill as will up-and-coming band that has stolen our hearts, SkiM and there will probably be one million guest musicians joining us. Just sayin’.

This album is a long overdue labor of love. We put our hearts and minds and fingers and hands and voices and brains to it to make this happen and we can’t thank you enough for all of the support you’ve shown us over the years and during our kickstarter campaign. We didn’t make the album alone. Oh no! We had the amazing guidance of co-producer Peter Moore and all of the talents and sounds of a giant, giant posse of some of our favorite musicians.

We do hope to see you if you are in either of these resplendent locales and

With exploding enthusiasm & a new CD,


The last few months have been crazy and exciting for us in Goli-land!
We not only surpassed our kickstarter goal but we DOUBLED it with your amazing support!
Seriously, we can’t thank you enough! The best we can do is make this album exactly what you would want out of a mildly conceptual album with marimba and cello with some friends laying down the sounds of heartbreak and skepticism and post-pop fun!
Check it:

We’re in the homestretch of final mixes and about to send the album off to mastering. We’ve got visuals in the works and so many sweet swag ideas we can’t wait to get out there to you.

Everyone who contributed to the kickstarter gets a sweet GOLI surprise as we surpassed $10,000. We are going to record a video of a cover song of your (the collective your) choosing SO don’t forget to stop by our kickstarter and suggest a song! All contributions of $10 and under are entered into a chance to when a hard copy of the CD (this will happen in the fall.) All $1 pledges get 1 track from the new album.

Keep your ear to the ground as we’ll be posting more updates as this little album moves along.



Goli Launches Kickstarter!!!

Dear Everyone!!!!

It is happening! We cannot turn back. There is only forward for this little duo that is doing AND THAT MEANS WE’VE LAUNCHED OUR KICKSTARTER CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN!!!!!!

We spent this winter recording our next album with the amazing Peter Moore. (Seriously, we’d be jealous of his mad-skills if we weren’t bending them to our creative whims.) We tracked 11 songs (and some bonus tracks that will be EXCLUSIVE Kickstarter rewards.) Some songs will be the Goli duo of cello+MIDI marimba+vocals that you have come to know and love AND some will have a little more sumthin’ sumthin’ provided by some of our favorite musicians.***

With our fingers crossed & the support of Goli-fans like you, we plan to release this album in the fall. How can you help this (long-overdue) dream come true?

Check out our campaign below & pick the reward/support level of your choice:

We’ve got 30 days to reach our goal, so you’ll be hearing from us throughout the month with updates, videos, pictures and musings from the recording process. We have loved making this album and we can’t wait to share it with you once we’ve reached our Kickstarter goals (and finished mixing & mastering, the artwork, and all of that other fine stuff.)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to check out our Kickstarter. Show it a little love and spread the word far & wide that Goli’s album is coming out and you can help make it happen.

Here’s a little pic of Vess & Val, hitting the launch button for the campaign! (note the beam of light shooting thru Val’s head…)

As always, we are humbled by your support and bursting with enthusiasm to make music for your hearts & ears (and the rest of you, too.)







***Wanna know who’s on this album?
Jenn Allen
Mary Bichner
Veronica Baron
Mike Corbett
Kody Glazer
Nate Greenslit
Erik James
Troy Kidwell
Jason Marchionna
Shawn Marquis
Dylan McKinstry
Jacob Means
Peter Moore
Rachel Panitch
Daniel Pencer
Sarah Rabdau
Will Ragano
Abigale Reisman
Raky Sastri
Mali Sastri
Lainey Schooltree
Joel Simches
Abby Swidler
Petaluma Vale
Gwen Van Baalen
Molly Zenobia

Spring News & The Arts at the Armory this Week!

Dear Goli friends and music lovers,

We have some exciting news and announcements to share with you!

Our upcoming album “This Is Not A Love Song” is at the very last stage of tracking. The magical Peter Moore will mix all the crazy sounds we recorded with the help of about a dozen of our favorite musicians, the amazing EHawk will draw some pretty pictures, and then it will be ready to go out into the world and be YOURS! The official CD release will happen in the yellow month of October.

We will need some help from all of you to finish the process, so stay tuned for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign with delicious rewards and exciting events built in!

But before any of that happens, we are playing for a good cause, and we’d like to invite you to join us!

Armory Soundproofing Benefit at Arts At The Armory
191 Highland Ave. Somerville, MA 02143
Friday, May 8th from 7:30pm – 10pm
All ages; $12/$15
Facebook event:
Also on the bill: 35th Parallel and Esthema

The Armory in Somerville is a great venue – generous to musicians and cozy for the audience. They need help to soundproof the building so the music stays in and doesn’t leak out. Or something like that. This promises to be a great night of music, and we’d love to see your friendly faces there!

Enjoy the color explosion that is Boston these days!
Hugs and cookies!
Goli = Vess+Val

Goli at Community Church Boston

Goli will be appearing at Community Church Boston this Sunday, Jan. 11th as guest musicians for their Sunday Speakers Forum.
Guest speaker will be human rights attorney, Michael Meltsner.
He will be discussing Mass Incarceration & Excessive Sentencing issues.
The Community Church Boston is a social-justice oriented community organization and Goli always leaves their events with new ideas & diverse perspectives in our heads.
Here’s the Facebook event for additional info.

The forum starts at 11am and wraps up around 12:30pm.
Community Church Boston is located at 565 Boylston St. Boston, MA

Goli at Caffe Vivaldi TONIGHT! (Nov. 1st)

Hello Dear Pumpkins!

We do hope that autumn has been treating you well with just the right amount of warm beverages and cozy sweaters (but not too much because winter is VERY far away.)

We’re coming back to the fair city of New York TONIGHT and we wanted to let you know about it just in case you need a little candy hangover pick-me up! We’re bringing our little duo back to the coziest of venues, Caffe Vivaldi, on the day after Halloween (or smack dab in the middle of dis Dia de Muertos, if you will) and we’re planning on a new song or two, so we do hope you can join us!

Here are the details:
+++Saturday Nov. 1st+++
Caffe Vivaldi
32 Jones St. NYC
Goli rocks it from 9:30-11pm. Caffe Vivaldi has a lovely menu and the sweetest vibe and we will make sure to bring all the charm we can muster while lamenting the passing of the season of candy corn. We’ll play a nice long set, so tuck in and see you there!

Here’s the FB event (if that’s your jam):

Thanks to all you who joined us at Vivaldi in August! Your support of live music and venues that provide a much needed home for that music is, essentially, THE BEST!

With leaves that crunch beneath your feet and the dreams of woodsmoke in the air (agh… city dwelling.)

Goli=Vessela +Valerie