Goli Launches Kickstarter!!!

Dear Everyone!!!!

It is happening! We cannot turn back. There is only forward for this little duo that is doing AND THAT MEANS WE’VE LAUNCHED OUR KICKSTARTER CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN!!!!!!


We spent this winter recording our next album with the amazing Peter Moore. (Seriously, we’d be jealous of his mad-skills if we weren’t bending them to our creative whims.) We tracked 11 songs (and some bonus tracks that will be EXCLUSIVE Kickstarter rewards.) Some songs will be the Goli duo of cello+MIDI marimba+vocals that you have come to know and love AND some will have a little more sumthin’ sumthin’ provided by some of our favorite musicians.***

With our fingers crossed & the support of Goli-fans like you, we plan to release this album in the fall. How can you help this (long-overdue) dream come true?

Check out our campaign below & pick the reward/support level of your choice:

We’ve got 30 days to reach our goal, so you’ll be hearing from us throughout the month with updates, videos, pictures and musings from the recording process. We have loved making this album and we can’t wait to share it with you once we’ve reached our Kickstarter goals (and finished mixing & mastering, the artwork, and all of that other fine stuff.)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to check out our Kickstarter. Show it a little love and spread the word far & wide that Goli’s album is coming out and you can help make it happen.

Here’s a little pic of Vess & Val, hitting the launch button for the campaign! (note the beam of light shooting thru Val’s head…)

As always, we are humbled by your support and bursting with enthusiasm to make music for your hearts & ears (and the rest of you, too.)







***Wanna know who’s on this album?
Jenn Allen
Mary Bichner
Veronica Baron
Mike Corbett
Kody Glazer
Nate Greenslit
Erik James
Troy Kidwell
Jason Marchionna
Shawn Marquis
Dylan McKinstry
Jacob Means
Peter Moore
Rachel Panitch
Daniel Pencer
Sarah Rabdau
Will Ragano
Abigale Reisman
Raky Sastri
Mali Sastri
Lainey Schooltree
Joel Simches
Abby Swidler
Petaluma Vale
Gwen Van Baalen
Molly Zenobia

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