Goli & Frogbelly & Lilypads, Oh My!

Welcome back to school our dear Goli Fans!

Our fair city is bursting at the seams with the return of all of the college kids and we can’t help but experience a twinge of nostalgia in our core for those good old school days… (or maybe it’s something we ate?!?)

We’ve got a bit of a last minute, super interesting show that we’ll be playing on Sept. 11th & we do hope you can join in the fun.

We’ll be opening up for NYC & UK-ish based bands Mesiko, and Frogbelly & Symphony at the Lilypad.

Here are the Deets:
***Thursday, Sept. 11th***
The Lilypad
1353 Cambridge St. Cambridge, MA
This show is ALL AGES!!!
(admission is TBA)
Show at 9pm.
The FB Event

Goli will kick off the night at 9pm with Mesiko following and Frogbelly & Symphony closing out the night!

We do hope you can join us for the night!

Oct. 4th-Goli plays Dedham’s Good Art Series. (All Goli, All the Time!)
8-10pm, All Ages

News from The Dept. of It’s Never Too Late (hopefully):
We’ve set aside some dates in the early days of 2015 to lay down some tracks for a new album (way overdue!) Keep your ear to the ground for updates on that.

Thank you to all of you that made it out this summer for our handful of really fun free shows (Fluevogs & Cafe 939!) Making music & sharing it with you is the best!

With dreams of freshly sharpening pencils & new book bags,


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