Or what we did over our summer vacation post-grad school…

Here goes:

We’re opening for Rasputina!
If you like cello, you are going to love this evening.
(If you don’t like cello, why are you reading this?)

Rasputina, for those of you new to the world of cello outside of the symphony, is a rock trio of cello (and sometimes drums) and vocals that comes from the imagination of Melora Creager. There is an intimacy, darkness and quirkiness of Rasputina’s music that is driven by all that a cello can do while rocking out.

And Goli gets to open for them!!!!

-Wed. July 31st-
The Sinclair
52 Church St. Harvard Sq.
Cambridge, MA
Opening for Rasputina
Doors @ 7:30pm
Goli @ 8:30pm

It is a delight, a pleasure, an honour and an extreme joy to get to open for Rasputina. One of Vess & Val’s earliest shows with the band Fluttr Effect was as an opener for Rasputina at the Middle East Downstairs and they can’t wait to do it again with this little duo in one of Boston’s newest and most buzzworthy venues.
This show is ALL AGES! So bring everyone you know. Goli is very excited to get a chance to knock out the post-grad school cobwebs and make some music on such a happening night of the aural arts.
For advance tickets, go here.

And to think we’ve could’ve spent the whole summer hanging out on the beach…

With humidity and degrees,

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